Fast Dialing, Texting, and Messaging

QuickDial++ Tired of searching through your Favorites list in order to call your friend? This unique app provides a much more efficient interface for quick calling, quick texting (SMS) and quick emailing!¬†Assign your favorite contacts to 48 available positions and call them with a single tap. If you want to text, simply double-tap. For email use a triple-tap! It’s just so easy!

Your Contacts as Photos

If a photo is stored for an assigned contact it will be shown instead of the name. This helps you to call your friend much faster because you can quickly recognize him/her in the list!

How to Assign a Contact?

Simply tap an available position, select the contact from the list and select the field/number to use (works also for email addresses only). If your contact has both a phone number and an email address, this app automatically assigns both fields to the position, which enables for quick communication.

Quick Communication

  • 1x tap to call contact.
  • 2x tap to text (SMS).
  • 3x tap to email.

3D Interface

This app provides a unique and gorgeous 3D scrolling interface, never seen on any other app!


Screenshot1 Screenshot3 Screenshot4 Screenshot5 Screenshot6 Screenshot2i5