Money Forecast

MoneyForecast-120You want to see how your finances will develop over the next months, but you don’t want to enter every single transaction, then this app is right for you!

Money Forecast allows you to track and predict your finances without much effort. Simply start with your current balance, enter recurring and single expenses and income as expected (e.g., loans, rental fee, salary, etc.), and see how your balance will develop. This allows you to plan your investments and avoids overdrawing of your account.

At any time you can add or change expenses or income, or set the actual account balance to quickly correct the predicted development. Moreover, you can manage several accounts with this app.

Money Forecast is an very useful personal finance tool that provides budget forecasts to help users make smart money choices.” –
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Here you can find another review of the app at (German).
Es wird Zeit für einen neuen Fernseher, eine Waschmaschine oder eine andere Anschaffung? Mit Money Forecast kann die beste Zeit für eine solche Investition berechnet werden.” –


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