Photo Ring

3D Photo Ring
Is the default ‘Photos’ app on the iPhone or iPad too limiting, too boring and not convenient enough for your needs? Do you want to use a novel and amazing 3D interface for browsing, searching, and presenting your photos with your mobile iOS device?

3D Photo Ring HD (3DPR) turns your iPad or iPhone/iPod (3D Photo Ring) into a convenient 3D photo browser with a stunning interface that enables you to keep track of hundreds of photos at a glance. Moreover, its color sorting technology allows you to save time on task and provides you with an interactive 3D slideshow feature that allows for an automized presentation of your photos. Due to its innovative and natural 3D arrangement and powerful color-based organization feature, searching for photos on your iPhone and showing them to your friends becomes an exiting and fun task!

As confirmed by recent research results, this novel interface allows you to find specific images more quickly than with a 2D list presentation. The reason is that it allows to present more information at a glance and groups photos by similar color, which gives a much better overview and speeds up the visual search process!


Photos-Comparison2a1-1024x768 Photos-Comparison2b-1024x768


3D PhotoRing is available for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad!


  • Browsing of photos from different folders/events
  • Innovative and intuitive 3D browsing interface (rotatable and zoomable 3D Ring)
  • Interactive 3D slideshow (animated 3D Wall; with pause/fast-forward/reverse feature)
  • Organization of your photos into several rings with switching feature
  • Number of rings and size of rings configurable
  • Convenient interaction (e.g., kinetic ring rotation by wipe or tilt)
  • Sorting of photos by recording timeĀ (also by EXIF original date)
  • Sorting of photos by color
  • Autorotate support
  • Inspection of EXIF/TIFF metadata of photos
  • Fullscreen photo mode with convenient switching function (by wipe or tilt)



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